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Welcome to the Kappa Chapter of Beta Psi Omega

About Beta Psi Omega

We are Boston University's only co-ed professional biology fraternity. Beta Psi Omega consists of a diverse group of individuals are who motivated by a passion for biology and a drive to develop ourselves professionally by bringing together men and women who are pursuing a wide variety of 

science-related careers. Founded upon five core values, intellect, service, unity, diversity, and proactivity, our brothers strive to maintain excellence in embodying one while continuously encouraging each other to do the same. 

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Being a member of Beta Psi Omega means being surrounded by a community of like-minded, driven individuals that each bring something new to the table. Within the organization, members find professional development resources, opportunities to network and expand social connections, and ways to give back to the community through meaningful service. From their brothers, members draw support, inspiration, and advice.
In efforts to embody our five core values, members of Beta Psi Omega have conducted undergraduate research in labs, have found internships at hospitals, are pursuing MD or MA degrees at BU, have volunteered at organizations such as Community Servings, Cradles to Crayons, Room to Grow, or medical centers in the Greater Boston Area. 
To be a brother of Beta Psi Omega is to pursue any professional goals, to receive support from an entire community, and finding a common identity among a diverse group of people - all while building lifelong friendships. 

For more Information about recruitment and the rush process can be found here.


History of Beta Psi Omega

This colony was founded on January 2018 by chapter Co-Presidents: Grant Eickel and Lily Travis. With the founding executive board totaling 13 dedicated students, they slowly began increasing in members. They worked tirelessly to provide endless professional, academic, and community service opportunities. As BPO grew, they made sure to keep their tight-knit community the number one priority. This is the reason why in Fall 2019, Beta Psi Omega halted recruitment efforts in order to prioritize bonding between standing members. 


Soon we will be sending off the largest graduating class since our establishment, including members who made up our founding executive board. Their vision and incredible work for the fraternity inspires current and future e-boards to carry on their legacy and maintain enthusiasm for the organization.


We are always searching for ambitious and motivated students to join our fraternity. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Iota class, please come to our rush events this Fall 2022! 


Boston University's only Co-ed Professional Biology Fraternity.

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BPO gives you the opportunity to be in a space surrounded by  some of the most ambitious, kind hearted, and hard working people you will ever meet

Samantha Kenyherz

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