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Beta Psi Omega thrives on five core values, which are upheld within the members, officers, and fraternity events. Our organization strives to achieve excellence in the following areas:


We aim to extend beyond the normal realm of education and allow its members to approach learning with a unique attitude. We would like our members to learn how to think, not what to think and be able to apply this knowledge in a real-world, practical facet.



We are a community based organization with the basic goal of helping students help themselves. In addition to serving the professional needs of students in the biological sciences, Beta Psi Omega extends its helping hand to other service based projects. 


We believe that the power of the sum is greater than the individual parts. The organization therefore aims to foster connections not only with its members, but with resources on campus, and the surrounding professional world at large.



This organization is a representation of the varied perspectives in the biological sciences. Since biology has such an eclectic foundation, we aim to expose students to this diversity within the field and within their career options. Therefore, there is no particular student template we are searching for, but rather students who simply love what it is that they do. We encourage all majors to be a part of this organization.


A key feature we would like our members to encompass would be to approach problems and issues constructively. That being said, we are constantly seeking improvement within the organization and within our lives to ensure survival of the best and brightest versions of ourselves. If we can achieve that, it ensures that Beta Psi Omega is progressively evolving to something better than it had previously been.

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