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Our Founders

A Message from Lily and Grant Our Founders:

     We started Beta Psi Omega our freshman year when we realized we were missing a community within the STEM field. We wanted a place to meet similar people who desired a supportive academic and social environment. From the initial spark of inspiration on the first week of freshman year (2017), we have watched BPO grow from a small group of 10 inspired, driven, and ambitious friends to the large, loving, and opportunity-filled family it is today. Not only have we seen BPO make a change to those who have joined this community, but we see how BPO impacts change throughout Boston University, as well as the greater Boston area, through community service, employment opportunities, and the amazing leaders within. We are so thankful for the experiences BPO has brought us and we are so excited to see how BPO will continue to grow and develop in the coming years.


I am so thankful for all that BPO has given me, and I am amazed by how much this group gives to those around them. Just as we hoped for change by establishing BPO, I hope those who have the privilege of calling themselves a member can continue to radiate positive change through the rest of their lives.

Lily Travis

First Co-President

 Second President

Class of 2021

In 2017, we dreamed that one day Beta Psi Omega would be known across campus and within Boston as a community of compassionate, ambitious, and service-oriented individuals. With each successive initiation, our family grew and our vision came closer to reality. As we leave Boston University with a heavy heart, I am so excited to watch BPO and our amazing members bring positive change to the world.

Grant Eickel

First Co-President

Class of 2021

Emily Kim

Third President

Class of 2021

Shoutout to City Co, Starbucks, and an incredible group of brothers for not only making chemistry classes bearable but also making my college experience unforgettable. In all seriousness, I am so grateful to have been a founding member of BPO. With diverse viewpoints, life stories, and a common love for the STEM field, BPO is truly a place for individuals to develop into their best academic, personal, and professional selves. Much love!

Elika Rezaeimanesh

Fourth President

Class of 2021

When I joined BPO as a founding member, I had no idea how impactful it would be on my life at BU. Most importantly, I was blown away by the many amazing people within BPO. Stay open to the possibilities , and the potential to discover something you had no idea you would find at BPO :)

Jojo Park

Fifth President

Class of 2021

Being part of BPO has greatly shaped my college experience. Even though members share the same motivation to succeed academically and professionally, I’m proud to say that we’re still a fun and diverse group of unique and talented individuals. It's amazing to see how much BPO has grown over the years and I hope it continues to grow with passionate and bright members who can also call it a family.


Chelsea Ji
Sixth President
Class of 2022

The potential that arises from having the support of a community is unmatched at Beta Psi Omega. As an up and coming fraternity, there are endless possibilities to pursue academic, social, and service-oriented projects. I am so proud to have been apart of Beta Psi Omega, who truly strives to be 'for the members' in every way. I can't wait to see how our members continue to shape Beta Psi Omega, Boston University, and beyond. 


Henry Brennan
Seventh President
Class of 2022

Joining BPO has easily been the highlight of my college experience. BPO’s pillars resonated with me personally.  I wanted to break out of a bubble of the area I grew up in and I haven’t looked back since joining. Never before have I met such an amazing group of individuals who share the same goals, and profound diversity who are committed to making BU and the world a better place. If I have one regret in my college experience, it was not joining BPO sooner and broadening my vision and world view of such a welcoming and motivational community. I’m incredibly honored to call this fraternity my family and friends for the rest of my life.

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